Modification: Door switch

Modification: Door switch

If you open your reefer container daily or even multiple times per day we advise you to upgrade your reefer with a door switch.

The door switch will automatically shut down the reefer machinery when opening the doors and will turn it back when closing the doors . It is important to stop cooling before opening the doors to prevent icing in the reefer container, because icing can lead to break down of the reefer.

Does the container not fully meet your wishes and requirements?
Our engineers and welders are fully certified to be able to carry out adjustments to containers according to your wishes. For a few examples of modifications that KC Trading has made, click here.

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Pictures Modification

  • Improves ease of use
  • IP 65 Rating
  • Energy saving
Sales nr: DoorSwitch
Container: Available for all sizes reefercontainer
Condition: New
Price excl. VAT: Get a quote!

All specifications are indicative. Individual container’s dimensions may differ.

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