Offshore containers

Over the years, KC Trading B.V. has taken a leading role as a supplier of DNV 2.7-1 certified offshore containers. Our strength is in our stock, we can deliver almost all offshore containers from central depots in the most important offshore ports. We deliver containers in many different sizes including the standard 10ft and 20ft containers.

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Assortiment Offshore Containers

8m3 Offshore Waste Skip
10ft offshore container
10ft half-height offshore container
1000 gallon tank ZL
10ft Offshore Reefer ZL (4)
24ft Offshore half-height cargo basket ZL (2)
20ft Double Door offshore container ZL (3)
20ft Offshore reefer ZL (1)
20ft offshore container frame
20ft half-height offshore container
20ft offshore container
10ft offshore open-top container
20ft offshore open-top container
8ft cargo basket
7m3 Offshore Waste Skip
5ft “Mini” offshore container
4ft Offshore Gas Bottle Rack
4ft offshore toolbox ZL (5)

Technical specifications

At KC Trading B.V. all offshore containers are provided with:

  • DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certification
  • A steel floor
  • Certified wire sling (Talurit; Flemish; Super-Loop)

Benefits of KC Trading B.V.

We supply offshore containers, offshore refrigerated containers (reefers), offshore baskets and offshore tanks from central depots in the most important ports worldwide. Additionally, KC Trading distinguishes itself by providing a high degree of flexibility, a large stock of equipment and a good price to quality ratio.

All our offshore material is certified to the highest applicable standards, i.e. DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079, for the safest and broadest possible application in the offshore oil, gas and wind industry. Other certifications (ATEX zo.1, Norsok, etc.) are available upon request.

In addition to sales, we also lease, repair and do periodic inspections. It is possible for us to modify containers and units to your needs (modifications, (re)spraying, lettering, etc.). It is also possible to have a container specially designed/manufactured.

Rental, sale and hire purchase of offshore containers

For our offshore containers there is the option of buying or renting. We also offer the possibility of paying in installments. If you want more information about our containers, our prices or the location from which they can be delivered, please complete the form below. You will then receive the information you requested without any obligation.

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Do you have questions about our offshore containers, are you looking for a different type of container or would you like advice from an expert? Then call us at +31 (0) 10 487 6767, or complete the contact form.

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