8m3 Offshore Waste Skip

8m3 Offshore waste skips are used for collecting waste material and grouting on the offshore location. The skips are fitted with tarpaulins, which are attached to the container with carabiners. 8m3 Offshore Waste Skips can be stacked with slings attatched. Two empty skips without a tarpaulin can be  stacked and transported in Highcube ISO containers.

Sales nr: 08SO
Container: 8.15 m3 offshore skip
Category: Offshore container
Certificering: DNV 2.71/EN12079
Condition: We supply both new and used
Color: “High-visibility Green”,
If necessary, containers can be customized to your needs.
Year of Manufacture:
Length top/Bottom: 4980 mm / 3400 mm
Width top/Bottom: 2090 mm / 1640 mm
Height: 1470 mm
Cubic capacity: 8.15 m3
Tare weight: 1730 KG
Max Gross weight: 7680 KG
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All specifications are indicative. Individual container’s dimensions may differ.

Technical specifications:

  • DNV2.7-1/EN12079 – certified
  • Fitted with steel flooring
  • incl. certified sling.

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